Member 10% off Limited Edition - 5 Mile Hop - The Crystal One

Member 10% off Limited Edition - 5 Mile Hop - The Crystal One

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Say hello to The 5 Mile Hop Series. 👋
Why "The 5 Mile Hop Series"? Well, the whole crew at Hoplark participated in harvesting the entire crop at Andrews Family Farm that happens to be... exactly 5 miles away from our brewery! Experience the freshness of local Boulder hops in each of these cans, bright, clean and amazing all around.

The Crystal One 

 This is the fifth in a series of taste explorations that will push the boundaries of HopTea and bring our taproom experience to your home. Some will be simple, some complex, some will have zero calories, some will not. Each month's release will bring a new and unique flavor experience. We are also happy to announce that the limited release series are all Whole30 approved.



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