Our Story

Our first HopTea trial. March 2016

This all started over a beer, or lack thereof.

College friends Dean Eberhardt and Andrew Markley met up at a craft brewery. Andrew had a double IPA while Dean was on day 26 of a month off of drinking, in an effort to kickstart some healthier habits.

But it wasn’t the buzz Dean realized he missed — it was the ritual, the familiarity, the camaraderie. The smell and taste of that hoppy, bubbly cold ale his buddy was enjoying. The craft beer experience.

And that’s when it hit them. To brew tea like beer, with the hops, but without sugars, additives or any fermentation.

It took 18 months - testing batch after batch in Dean's garage to get the flavor we had imagined without having to add extracts, concentrates or sweeteners.

Andrew and Dean hiking Zion National Park. August 2005


BevNet New Beverage Showdown Winner December 2018

Nexty Award - Best New RTD Beverage March 2019

BevNet's Best New Product of the Year December 2019

Our Foundation

Our Mission

Empowering people everywhere to be their best self

Our team. December 2018

Our team. December 2019

Our Values

We make HopTea because it is the thing that we wanted to drink. We make it ourselves and do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients or the finished product.

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