Limited Edition - The Royal Citra One 12 Pack

Limited Edition - The Royal Citra One 12 Pack

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We are so excited to share the July Limited Release: "The Tea is Silent Series" with you folks and showcase the purest expression of hops we've ever created. For a limited time,  we are offering full cases of each of our flavor explorations for you to  enjoy. 

Meet the The Royal Citra One

Bend the knee to the queen of hops, the regal Citra. This hop has ruled above all as the chosen one for citrusy, floral excellence. Will there be another to challenge the throne.

How Limited Edition Releases Work:

  • Limited Releases will be sold on our website by pre-order. We expect to sell out quickly
  • Each release will be announced via our email newsletter and through Instagram. So sign up and follow so you don't miss them.
  • Subscribe to the Limited Release series to get 10% off and automatic access to every new batch as we release them. You will have an opportunity to skip deliveries at any time.
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