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The Core Mixed Pack - Now with Citra Bomb - 12 Pack

The Core Mixed Pack - Now with Citra Bomb - 12 Pack

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How could we improve on the Core Zero Mixed Pack, you ask? Perhaps by giving it a little "WHOA" flavor. That's right, the Core Zero Mixed Pack now features our newest Core sku, The Citra Bomb One. The Citra Bomb replaces The White Tea One which is still available to order on its own.  

If you prefer our 0 calorie flavors, this is the mixed pack for you. It has 3 cans each of our 4 most popular unsweetened flavors: The Really Hoppy One, The Green Tea One, The Calm One and, of course, The Citra Bomb One. All are alcohol and gluten free. They are great for intermittent fasting and keto diets too! 


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